Museums & Monasteries

Our staff can provide you with detailed information on planning your sightseeing tour of Xania.They can provide  you information on the operation timetables of museums, bus routes and ships, proposals for car rental and daily excursions with organized group or individually.


Archaeological Museum of Chania

 The Archaeological Museum of Chania was founded in 1963 and is located on the spot where stood the old Venetian monastery of St. Francis in Halidon Street in the city of Chania. The museum’s collection includes finds from excavations in various parts of the city made during the last 50 years and its exhibits give an enduring image of the cultural history of Chania from the Neolithic period up to the Roman period.

Summer opening hours from April 1 until October 31: Monday: closed
Tuesday – Sunday: 8:00 to 15:00
Ticket : 3,00E
Address: Halidon 21 Old Town, Chania
Phone: +30 28210 90334


Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Collection

 Inside part of the northwest side of fortifications renamed Monastery of San Salvatore. This report is focused on the historical and artistic identity of Chania region during the Byzantine and post-Byzantine period.
The exhibits are divided into sections according to their category (Mosaic, Signs, paintings, ceramics, sculptures, coins, etc.) and are arranged in chronological order, accompanied by information boards and maps.
Summer opening hours:
Monday: closed   Tuesday – Sunday: 8:30 to 15:00
Address: Theotokopoulou 78 Old Town Chania.
Phone: +30 28210 96046


Maritime Museum of Crete

 The Maritime Museum of Crete is located in the Historic entrance fort ” Bastion ” in the old Venetian harbor. Established in 1973 to promote the maritime tradition and history of the island. The Museum cooperates and interacts with other maritime museums in Greece and abroad.
The permanent exhibition includes 2,500 artifacts as relics, objects found on the seabed, paintings, maps, photographs, ship models, nautical equipment etc.
An important development step for the Maritime Museum is the creation of a permanent exhibition of Ancient and Traditional Shipbuilding. The main exhibit is the restored ship of the Minoan era “Minoa”, an experimental model, a replica of an ancient trade. Other exhibits are tools and materials used in the construction of a series of photographs as well as an experimental trip map.
Opening hours: 9:00 to 16:00
Address: Coast Kountourioti, Venetian Port of Chania
Phone: +30 28210 – 91875
Fax: +30 28210 74 484
e-mail: Mar-museum-crete@otenet.gr


Holy Cathedral of the Virgin Mary

 In the city center of Chania, dominates the historic Trimartiri the Holy Cathedral of Chania, the Church of the Presentation of Mary. The Church of the Presentation as Cathedral and Metropolitan Church and patron saint of the city, gathers all the religious, operational and general interest devotional pious people of Chania.


Monastery of Agia Triada Tzagkarolon

 The Patriarchal Monastery of the Holy Trinity Tzagarolon is one of the most important monasteries of the Venetian fee in Crete with rich offer in history and education of the island. Located at the foothills of the Cross, to “Tzompomylos” of Cape Meleha.

In recent years the Holy Trinity Monastery Tzagarolon performs systematic biological olive crops and vineyards and produces fine wine, raki (raki), oil, honey, vinegar and olive oil soap.
The monastery produces 20 tonnes of organic virgin olive oil, awarded in international competitions and is mainly sold abroad.
Of course all the products of the Trinity Monastery you can buy in a shop that works inside the monastery area.

Opening Hours: Winter: 08: 00-15: 00
                               Summer: 08: 00-19: 00


Gouverneto Monastery or Lady of the Angels

 The Gouverneto Monastery or Lady of the Angels is one of the oldest monasteries in Crete and is a sign of the Orthodox monastic architecture. Built in 1537 at an altitude of 260 meters by monks of the monastery Catholic who left due to piracy.
After Gouverneto walking trail through the gorge Avlaki, a beautiful wild scenery will look after about 30 minutes driving the ruined Catholic Convent or Monastery of St. John the Hermit. Next to dilapidated buildings but particularly impressive is the cave where St. John the Hermit lived, believed to have come from Egypt and was active in many areas in Crete, as in Azogyre before it Akrotiri.
The cave of St. John was once the bed of an underground river and has a length of over 100 meters and an area of ​​1500 sq.m.

Officially, the monastery is closed on Wednesdays and Fridays, and Monday – Tuesday – Thursday hours are 9 -12 and 5 PM-7 PM. On weekends the hours are 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. and 5 PM – 8 PM.

HOW TO GET THERE: Take the road to Chania airport reaching the airport turn left and follow the sign for Agia Triada.
Gouverneto and Catholic found after 4 km.
You can go with your own car or by taxi that we can arrange for you.It takes  about 30 minutes to reach.


The monastery of Panagia Chrisoskalitissas

THE MONASTERY OF MARY OF CHRYSOSKALITISSAS. It is built on a rock, with spectacular views of the sea. Tradition says that the ninety stairs leading to the top of the rock is a golden, but can not be seen by  the sinners. It is not known exactly when it was founded the current monastery. It is believed that the position existed priory. The two-aisled church dedicated to the Assumption of Mary and Saint Triada.
It is approximately 75 km from Chania and just five miles from Elafonisi.
How to get there: By car rental.
With an organized tour or taxi: inquire about costs and hours from  Reception.

“The operation began in 1982, since then there have been many renovations improvement .The last renovation –according to the instructions of the competent archaeological service; completed in 2013”