Our minds and our hearts are with the people who have been affected by this unexpected event of the Covid-19 Pandemic, while our sincere gratitude is upon the medical staff and to the   employees who are on the first line and support local communities to stay alive and to all individuals who fight against the spread of the virus.
Under these unexpected conditions, we know that travelling is not a priority, but the optimistic aspect of life is travelling and dreaming. For all of you who wish to dream and travel, we want you to know that your safety to stay in our hotel and at the same time for the safety of our staff are our non-negotiable priorities. We have been working for some time now to ensure reliable hygiene rules in our Hotel Unit, surpassing even the basic travel protocols of travel agencies, in order to achieve maximum safety and protection throughout your stay.


Smile is not the only characteristic in the Greek Hospitality but the equal value is the concern of our visitors.

In the context of the adjustment to the rules of preventing by   spreading of the corona virus as well as the protection of all visitors and staff, we quote, briefly, all the precautionary measures that we will meticulously observe in this year’s season. In this effort we ask for your understanding and support and do not hesitate to express your opinion to us in order to achieve even better results.



      • The management of the accommodation has appointed a coordinator to supervise the implementation of the health protocol which is established from the state, while at the same time supervising additional health measures for the extra safe accommodation of customers and ensuring the health of our staff.
        1. The staff is trained to follow all protection measures and is aware of the strict adherence to avoid any risk.
        2. The selection of food and its preservation in the breakfast areas is done with high food safety and hygiene standards, following meticulously standardized procedures.
        3. All cleaning materials and the disinfection of the communal areas and rooms have been selected based on the certificates of suitability for the use by accredited Public Bodies
        4. A high pressure steam device (steam cleaner) is used to sterilize the rooms for the best possible results.
      • As an additional sterilization measure we use a special radiation device with UV-C lamp which is considered as the most complete sterilization application of all the equipment of the rooms, observing all the rules of its safe operation, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
        1. We are making every effort, if we are given the opportunity based on the availability, to keep the rooms empty 24 hours before the arrival of visitors so that their constant ventilation ensures a safer stay.
        2. Cleaning of each room (Maid Service) will be carried out only with the request of the visitor as well as any change in sheets and towels.
        3. We have taken care of the above adequacy of linen (sheets, towels, pillowcases, bathtubs) in order to remain ventilated in our hotel at least 24 hours after receiving by our outdoor partner.

Prevention and protection measures are  listed separately by sector of our hotel as it follows:


Reception staff is the first contact with our hotel guests. In addition to their warm smile, welcome and polite behavior, they have been complied with all protection measures against Covid-19   for their own safety and for the visitors of our hotel. Our hotel unit has only 10 rooms maximum capacity and therefore the movement of our guests is limited but in any case there will be kept the safety measure distance.

      • In order to achieve the best expectation of service to our visitors upon their arrival (Check-in), we make sure to send you earlier via email the required registration form which will be returned to us filled in and it will be printed on your arrival for signature.
      • A special transparent divider has been placed on the Reception’s desk so visitors can communicate with our staff without the use of a protective mask, while ensuring protection for achieving the communication to receive information from the staff.
      • We assure you that all items are delivered by the Reception to our guests will be completely sanitized and can be safely picked up.
      • The Reception staff is always thermo metered before starting their shifts, while the hotel management ensures that all staff members are not allowed to go to work if they feel any kind of sickness, they will have been replaced with other members of our personnel.
      • In the reception area and in the common areas, sanitizers will be in constant use for use. In addition, there will be masks and gloves available which our visitors will be able to request from Reception for possible use when leaving the city.
      • In Reception area there will also be an infrared thermometer available which visitors can request its use from the staff. At the disposal of the guests there will be classic electronic thermometers which they will be able to receive in order to use them during their stay.
      • The staff of Reception is fully informed and has the ability to inform visitors about the policy of the accommodation to deal with any incident.


      • Check out is until 11:00 a.m.
      • The Check in will take place immediately upon arrival of the visitor if the room is empty 24 hours before the arrival of the next guest . However, in case of departure and entry of a new visitor, then the check in of the room will take place at 15:00. The time interval between check in and check out is mandatory to ensure the diligent cleaning and disinfection of the room immediately after the departure of the previous visitor as well as adequate natural ventilation of the room. 


The diligent cleaning of communal areas and rooms is our main priority in order to ensure the protection of visitors and our staff.

      • The cleaning staff is equipped with all the prescribed personal protective equipment. We have selected cleaning products that meet all the disinfection and hygiene standards of the rooms. In addition to these conventional products, we apply disinfection of rooms with a steam device and the use of a UV-C radiation device.
      • Adequate natural ventilation of the rooms before each new guest arrival.
      • During his stay, the visitor will choose whenever  he wants daily cleaning of his room or changing  only for  sheets – pillowcases as well as bath towels by placing the special marking card on the door of his room.
      • The cleaning service is provided by an external partner and we have ensured that all types of clothing are washed at temperatures above 70 oC.


      • The staff observes all hygiene measures during the preparation and disposal of breakfast in the hotel’s breakfast room
      • We extended breakfast time from 08:00 a.m. To 11:00 a.m.
      • High safety standards for food hygiene and safety issues in accord with special health protocols
      • Disposable tablecloths are used on the tables while all utensils are washed in a dishwasher at high temperatures for a safe sterilization



For the best and safest service of our guests, we ensured the cooperation with a professional cub driver who is transferring them to and from the airport until the entrance of our hotel with special privileged prices and with the faithful application of all the provided protection and safety measures.


From basic health infrastructures, Chania has:

      • Hospital unit with emergency medical services as well as a special emergency department with symptoms of covid-19. It also has intensive care units if and when needed. The operation of the Hospital is all week and 24 hours available.
      • Diagnostic Health Centers and primary support on a daily basis.
      • Private clinics with access 24 hours a day. Private clinics meet the expectations of medical examination, diagnostic tests and treatment upon selection.
      • Private clinics, diagnostic centers and pharmacies are covering all kinds of necessities.

Our hotel has a secured cooperation with a private clinic in Chania as well as with a specialist doctor in order to support us in all our necessities 24 hours per day ,  when  is required.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us by phone: (+30)2821070945 or send us an email:

Thank you in advance,

Sincerely yours,
Lionakis George